Steinmüller Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Steinmüller Africa offers the full spectrum of planned and un-planned maintenance operations including field service and on-site/ local workshop facilities for:

Boiler Island

  • Inspections and NDT (metallurgical replicas, UT, MPI, PT, XRF)
  • BTF’s (boiler tube failure repairs)
  • Boiler tube repairs, refurbishment and/ or component replacements

HP Piping

  • Life assessments, e.g. NDT (metallurgical replicas, UT, MPI, PT, XRF)
  • Engineering method statements for repairs and replacements
  • Component replacements, e.g. bends, transition pieces, spools)
  • Balanced erection
  • Elevation surveys and evaluation

Mills and Coal and Ash Handling Equipment

  • Inspections
  • Grinding element replacement
  • PF piping repair and replacement
  • Grinding elements refurbishment, e.g. metal overlay

This is supported by our in-house plant hire, substantial skills pool in terms of artisans, supervision and management as well as engineering.


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