Steinmüller Africa (Pty) Ltd.

  • Pretoria works

    With 50 000 m² fabrication facility under roof and a lifting capacity of 50t, state-of the art equipment and assembly facilities, our large scale workshop in Pretoria can produce almost any size of pressure vessel

  • Induction bending

    Steinmüller Africa has over 50 years of bending experience and the only induction bending machine on the African continent

  • High-quality pressure valves

    With Bilfinger Intervalve Africa, we provide a one-stop shop service for any high-pressure valve services including post-weld heat treatment

  • Access to international expertise

    Bilfinger Power Africa is part of the international engineering and services group Bilfinger SE and therefore being able to maximise on local content with access to international expertise.


Steinmmüller Africa and its sister company Bilfinger Intervalve Africa are part of Bilfinger Power Africa (Pty) Ltd., offering a wide range of engineering, manufacturing, pre-fabrication, construction and maintenance services for the power, petro-chemical and other industries in Southern Africa.

As a subsidiary of the international engineering and services group Bilfinger SE, our highly skilled workforce of approximately 5000 employees delivers local solutions with international expertise. Our presence in the local market, spanning over 50 years, is testimony to our unrivalled expertise in the steam generation industry.

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Employment scam

Steinmüller Africa has recently been made aware of false employment opportunities being fraudulently advertised under the company’s name. In all three of the reported cases, victims were scammed into paying a fee for a medical examination and were ‘appointed’ for a fraudulent position.





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